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Faze Comice Cu Masini
remusData: Duminică, 31-Ian-2010, 12:12:55 | Mesaj # 1
Grup: V.I.P
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___[]~[:*]~ CeI cAre mA cRiTica si Ma inVidiAza ~[>:P]~___Vor dOAr sa mA scHimBe___PenTru cA vAD in miNe cEEa cE Ei nU vOr Fii niCioData [!!!!!]~[:*]~[]___
0kYqU4qZutKqData: Vineri, 13-Sep-2013, 03:56:40 | Mesaj # 2
Grup: Prieteni

Is this Word press any good? i am trying to find a peice of deenct blogging software and apparently this one came out on top? Any suggestions / comments would be greatly appreciated =)Many thanks!
KChBKB6uIhaData: Vineri, 13-Sep-2013, 22:39:12 | Mesaj # 3
Grup: Prieteni

I have wondered for a while why big corps don\'t out-source their email to<a href=\"http://fpscxnw.com\"> glogoe</a>, it would save big $$$ and if they had special security requirements I am sure<a href=\"http://fpscxnw.com\"> glogoe</a> would be happy to accomodate them if they were guaranteed a few million page views a day!Guy
EyyLt76vmZData: Duminică, 15-Sep-2013, 21:33:33 | Mesaj # 4
Grup: Prieteni

ANYTHING BUT REALITY!!!! Isn't that why we watch TV--to escape REALITY for a while?Super batch of Pics today--I'd like to met that Hard Worker--he just seems so <a href="http://sozmivmr.com">aflfbae</a>!!HFSC,John
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