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GTA San Andreas Snow Mod (PC)

GTA San Andreas Snow Mod (PC)

Information about the game:

Title: GTA Snow Mod

Genre: Action / FPS
Platform: PC
Developer: Rockstar Games
Language: English
Sustem requirements: CPU 1.5 GHz, 256 Mb, 128 Mb Video
All Inclusive
Size: 813 mb

New modes for GTA SA! Nthm we have winter! All in the snow, roads, mountains, winter sky, the snow machines and frost, dress for warmer! Maud does not require the original, added new clothes, cars, weapons, missions, and much more ... super easy!

- Automatic installation

-Replaced more than 1700 textures
- 100% of cards in the snow
- Snowfall (press Ctrl + [+ Num])
- Wetahercontrol (press 1 to change the weather)
- 152 new cars
- 30 new types of clothing
- Icicles
- Handling realistic
- Photo-realistic textures of snow
- Traces during braking
- Xenon and LED lights
- Snow tires
- New high texture interiors
- Additional vegetation
- New wheels and tires
- New Weapons
- New Mission
- Car dealer in "Otto Carsaloon"
- 13 eastereggs
- Start a new game is not required *
- And much more!
- Gaps fashion, too, have (water does not freeze, people dressed in light)
- Effects replaced

Game features:

In the folder with the game there is a program to improve the graphics on / off Shift + F12

Who NOT RUN START SAgfxHack.exe and run it through the game.

Snowfall (who does not start) to include NumPad then hold down CTRL and PLUS FOR NUMPAD'E! 1 times - low level of snow 2 - higher 3 - more than 4 - the maximum, again - off!

Download part. 1
Download part. 2
Download part. 3
Download part. 4
Download part. 5

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